Little Dooney, a 5 pound Yorkshire Terrier, was presented to the Helping Paws Foundation as non-weight bearing with extreme pain in his left rear leg. Radiographs diagnosed that Dooney had suffered a rather nasty fracture of his femur.

Dooney needs a fracture repair with pin and wire. Because the fracture is so close to the kneecap the surgery is complicated. After surgery Dooney will be able to use his leg again in a pain free manner.

Dooney first joined the Torres family malnourished and under weight. They force fed him and brought him back to health – the bond that has formed between them is strong and they are inseparable. Giving up on Dooney is not an option.

Dooney is a cherished family member of the Torres family and is an active support dog. Claudia Torres has been in active military duty for eleven years while her wife, Guadalupe, is now on non-active duty.

Helping Paws would like to help the Torres family with this necessary surgery to assure his health into the future. We are asking the community to support this active military family who unconditionally has committed and sacrificed so much to secure our freedoms we sometimes take for granted. This would be a wonderful token of appreciation for such a committed and loyal military family.

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