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We appreciate all the financial help and how quickly the surgery was after we brought him in so he did not have to be in pain any longer.
– Tia & Cody Martin

Jeankins went to visit the Mohnacky Animal Hospital to receive her rabies shot along with getting spayed. The staff was very friendly and helpful. I appreciate the hospital having a cat friendly entrance. My cat is also somewhat standoffish when meeting new people but was very relaxed with everyone she came in contact with. I will be sharing the Helping Paws Program as well, especially since I live in a military community.
– Roxanne D

Dr. Schutz is so amazing. She explained everything perfectly. After my bad (terrible) experience with another vet it was so refreshing to have someone be so kind and informative. Thank you so much!
– Faith S

We were treated amazingly and received excellent care. River recovered wonderfully.
– Christina S

Benji seems a lot calmer throughout the day. We think the program is great! We are very pleased with our experience. Thank you for supporting military families like ours.
– Fernando A

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 9.14.21 AMMeet Dixie, yet another dog that has been helped with a free spay through the Helping Paws Military Appreciation Program! We are so thankful for Dixie’s family and their sacrifice for our country. Dixie’s dad is in the United States Marine Corps and we thank him and the entire family for what they’ve done for the rest of us.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.56.24 AMMy name is Danielle Stanley, I am a mother of two young children and a military spouse to one of the finest Unites States Coast Guard members there is. We also have two other special members of our family, Lola and Roxy. We adopted Lola about 5 years ago from the humane society and our family grew attached right away. A few years passed and we decided our family was ready for another member, so we headed back to the humane society. I came across many dogs, but “Angel” (later named Roxy by our family) pulled at my heart strings the moment I set eyes on her. We brought her home and we all agreed that our family now felt complete.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.56.32 AMOver the next two years we frequented all the dog parks and dog friendly beaches with our brood. Roxy and Lola were inseparable, but I also noticed the close bond my son Ethan developed with Roxy. We told him her story of being a stray dog who was found alone, sick and full of fleas and that we would be the family to make all those thing go away and be the ones to protect her and he took that job very serious. He gave her love all the time!

Around January 2015, we noticed Roxy was limping on her back left leg after having a good run outside. She was always a very active dog, and never had an injury before so we knew that random limping was something we needed to check out. We went to our vet in Jacksonville and she told me Roxy had arthritis and there was just about nothing we could do except put her on daily medication to alleviate her pain.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.56.41 AMI thought that sounded strange for my lean 3 year old dog, so I continued doing more research online about anything having to do with a dog knee injury. A few months had passed and it was about time for my husband to begin his year long deployment to Bahrian with the USCG. We started our move to Oceanside and I did a lot of research on the veterinary offices in the area. I ended up visiting a vet that came with a recommendation and their opinion was that Roxy needed an ACL surgery and the cost would be somewhere in the $3,000 range. I was thrown for a loop and was overwhelmed with dread over my dog being in this sort of pain and wondering how on earth I’d be able to come up with this money. I still didnt feel satisfied so I continued my research online and sought out yet another opinion. I finally came across the Mohnacky animal hospital and the Helping Paws program.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.56.49 AMI had a wonderful conversation with Mary Mandrigues over the phone and explained to her my situation. We are a young single income military family who are separated because of deployment and have a dog who will be needing very expensive medical treatments. I felt like I was talking to a close friend after a few minutes. She explained that their vets at the office can do an exam and her and I could meet in person after he came up with a treatment plan so I decided to talk to Dr. Djordjevich.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.57.03 AMAfter I met with Dr. Djordjevich he recommended a TPLO surgery and explained thoroughly why this would be the best and only treatment for her particular case. I also was able to speak with Mary and she said given our circumstances Helping Paws would be able to help us with the expenses! I was floored and so thankful to have been able to find someone who was willing to help out our family. July 15 was the day for Roxy’s surgery, and our whole family was feeling anxious and worried.

Screen Shot 2015-12-16 at 2.57.18 AMWe got to bring her home on July 20 and start her healing process. We did 2 months of no jumping, running or messing with the incisions. She hated it but we stuck to it to make sure she healed up nicely! Ethan spends time with Roxy several times a day just laying with her and massaging her. He tells her she will be better soon, and he will take great care of her. Now were in December and Roxy is all healed up and back to normal. Some days I forget she even had any issues with her knee at all, but I always think of the help that Mary and the Helping Paws program gave us.

My husband has been gone on deployment for 6 months now and will be returning on Monday the 21st and cannot wait to see how Roxy is post surgery! We are forever thankful to Mary and everyone at the Monhacky Animal Hospoital and especially the people at Helping Paws!

IMG_3246We at Helping Paws of Carlsbad had the honor of donating the spay surgery for their kitten named “Storm Fly Pig”. “ Storm Fly” was given the name from “Halia”, (the soon to be 4 year old), daughter of Chief and Mrs. Haber.

When I asked Chief what “Storm Fly Pig” brings to the family. He let me know there is a lot of activity in the household and for “Halia” a lot of love.

Chief and Mrs. Haber shared with me they are very appreciative for the Helping Paws Program. It allows them to feel supported for what they do as a military family.

Helping Paws is our philanthropic platform in support of military families so healthy choices can be made about the care and treatment of their pets. This includes promoting healthy pet lifestyles such as spay/neuter, vaccinations, micro-chipping, and offering financial assistance so no family is ever confronted with the choice of premature relinquishment because of economic consideration; worse yet economic euthanasia. By establishing trusting relationships and partnerships within our community, Helping Paws shall become an essential resource in support of our fine military families. Because of the unknowns and demands put on military families, it will be our priority to keep families united with their pet bringing stability to households.

Our Mission at Helping Paws is helping our community support military families by keeping pets united with their families.

IMG_3242 IMG_3247

img_20150929_101126593_1024Helping Paws made sure she was taken care of and the procedure was clean. Good news – she is no longer in heat. I would recommend this to limit the cat population which causes cats to not have homes.

Anthony Mileham
September 30, 2015

img_20150929_101126593_1024Her spay made me less worried about her having puppies. I would recommend Helping Paws and already have!
Miranda Bills ​

September 30, 2015

I want the thank everyone at Mohnacky Animal Hospital of Escondido for your kindness and great care you have given my dog, Sadie. Had it not been for you and your Helping Paws Military Spay Program, I would not have been able to adopt Sadie.
Now I have a companion & a wonderful soon to be service dog.
Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.
​Preston Hughes​

September 25, 2015


Lilly, a 9 year old sweet, shy girl, came to our Escondido office with excruciating neck pain. Our Dr Kitt quickly recognized the situation and we were able to provide her ‘Dad’ with the necessary medication to keep her comfortable. Thanks to your help and donations, we can continue to keep Lilly pain free!


New arrivals from the beautiful state of Florida, the Stanley family had multiple challenges – first the husband deployed overseas and second, their 3 yr old lab mix, ‘Roxy’ was limping.

Danielle Stanley, an artist and a past rescuer/foster of dogs had the knowledge base to know what to do, but as a recent transplant, wasn’t sure her options. After some calls and research of local veterinarians she ended up on the Carlsbad office door. Roxy required a TPLO surgery and Helping Paws helped her offset some of the cost. Roxy is now back home with her little human friend, the son, who calls her his ‘best friend.’

July 2015


Laura Lou, an 8 year old Australian Shepard mix, came to our Escondido office with a history of limping on her left rear leg. Jessica, her ‘mom,’ is active military and heard about the program through another active duty friend at the Naval Hospital, San Diego.

Dr Djordjevich performed a courtesy exam, requested digital x-rays and diagnosed a ruptured cruciate ligament. Based on a number of factors, a procedure called Tibital Plateau Leveling Osteotomy (TPLO) was recommended. Helping Paws was able to provide assistance through our charitable fund and your generous support.

On June 5th Laura Lou had her surgery, her recovery has been right on track! Dr Djordjevich is expecting a full recovery, with Laura Lou free from her previous knee pain.

Laura Lou
June 2015


Our Carlsbad office has known and loved Chopper, a 10 year old chocolate lab, and his ‘dad/buddy,’ Ron, for many years. When Chopper came down with an aural hematoma (broken blood vessels in the ear pinna), his dad was distraught. Ron is living on a limited budget as a veteran soldier. Dr Bulliard and her staff were excited to be able offer our Helping Paws Medical Fund.

Through the support of our followers and our clients participating in the Pet Care Rewards Card, the Helping Paws fund paid for the procedure, an outpatient surgery. Ron and Chopper are back together, keeping each other good company!

Our first medical case; we were so happy to help with the support of our clients and donors!

May 2015


So very grateful for helping paws and all the donors. Just picked our pup up and although he is not happy, at the moment haha, they did a great job explaining everything to us. Very friendly staff.

Crystal Seaver
April 20, 2014


Incredibly grateful for the Helping Paws program, our up Ash may not be your biggest fan at the moment we definitely are. Thank you so much to all the staff for being so kind, informed and helpful! 🙂

Carla Jenkins
June 6, 2014