Are you interested starting your cause, giving back to your community, and establishing your legacy? By becoming a sponsor of Helping Paws, you can start your Charitable Organization.

Your Charitable Fund can be established through your support of our fine men and women in the military by becoming a Helping Paws Donor. By pledging $50/month to the Helping Paws Foundation your newly established hospital’s foundation can work under the umbrella of our IRS sanctioned Helping Paws Foundation. * There are no upfront fees or annual payments and you can option “in” or “out” at any time.

The Helping Paws logo, (registered by the US Patent and Trademark Office), artwork and marketing tools are available to you for your exclusive use.

All funds, donations and pledges on behalf of your cause are sent to Helping Paws. You receive 100% of all funds, donations and pledges earned in your Helping Paws account in the form of Grants to fund your charitable acts. **

Clients and friends of your cause have easy access to the Helping Paws donation page making donations on behalf of your cause seamless. (All pledges are 100% tax deductible under IRS Code 501(c)(3)) Your hospital team shall have access to our Helping Paws staff to guide you as you establish your cause.

*Available for the first 100 hospitals
**Less any Merchant or Processing Fees incurred by any transaction

Membership Application